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It seems that 2018 is the year of survival games. Especially, all of them have become popular since its release. Indeed, since PUBG was launched, it has become a great inspiration for later versions. Ring of Elysium is also soon one of the favorite games. It is a mark of Garena in the attack and gradually dominates the game market on PC, too. According to the latest information, Garena Thailand will officially release Ring of Elysium (ROE), which is a product developed by Tencent, a leading provider of Internet value-added services in China. Not only that, it will be played in Indonesia in the next time.

Ring Of Elysium Game Plot


The story starts after EUROPA, a cruel company, secretly kidnapped a lot of people and conduct an experiment in a project named Elysium. It is a test that considered how these men grow via a realistic simulation. In which, each person will be a “player”. They are connected to another space. Obviously, it is not safe at all. They will be linked to a very smart and hazardous system called Virtual Reality. If they die in that place, they will lose their lives in the real world. Everybody will be given new memories. The condition is that there is a single person remaining alive after that crazy racing. The winner will continue to live. It means that the rest will be eliminated. The best option is to win by taking part in that violent struggle.

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Game Mode

Ring Of Elysium Game Mode

Ring of Elysium (ROE) is a free-to-play PC game inspired by Battle Royale genre. It is available for you to enjoy on your computer. Before you land on the draconic deserted island, you are able to choose the style that you want. Currently, you will have the chance to immerse yourself in several game modes. They are similar to what you have joined in other previous awesome games such as Fornite or Rules of Survival.


  • Free For All or Solo: After you parachute, you will explore your mission alone. In other words, you have to act wisely and strategically to stay alive for a long time. You can rely on your abilities only to be the last standing man. That is really difficult and challenging, particularly when you are running away from the “red zone”.
  • Play Duo or Two-Player: You will cooperate with a partner and you can increase the winning chance easier. But, you are advised to master how to cover your friend.
  • Squad or Four-Player: It is not easy to work together with such many buddies at once. Nevertheless, it is regarded as an ideal strategy that you can take advantage to defeat other opponents.

No matter what you select, you must be the final survivor.

Key Features

  • A deep experience with day and night realistically – Whilst you are traveling around the battleground and fighting against others, you can discover a lifelike atmosphere at both moments which will change the climate markedly. The Ring of Elysium game utilizes the real-time weather and corresponding calculations to make your journey more exciting, for example, the sound caused by weapons or by the movement of bodies or vehicles.
  • Make every item become different in a wink – Make use of the physical technology and the Ring of Elysium game will allow you to fire, blast away, or battle to come out more realistic. The method will develop games physically, from the seas to the meadow, or from majestic locations to brutal wars. The fast and instant differences will not happen like what you imagine. Each of them will be calculated exactly.
  • Saftey and Stability – In ROE, there is an accurate protection. It will block using programs to play. It creates a good environment for everyone.

You can visit the original information with two languages here:

Ring Of Elysium in Thailand: http://roe.garena.in.th/

Ring Of Elysium in Indonesia: https://roe.garena.co.id/

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