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Ring of Elysium (normally abbreviated to RoE) is a popular shooter game by Tencent Games focusing on surviving in a dangerous virtual world where players must kill each other for a chance of becoming the final survivor. The game is still in a beta test stage, available in Thailand and Indonesia only for the time being, while the versions for other areas are still waiting to be released. The beta test was set to finish on July 10, 2015, for the Thailand server, and June 4, 2018, for the Indonesian server.

About Ring of Elysium and its familiar yet addictive gameplay

Ring of Elysium is still somewhat different from other Battle Royale games like PUBG, or Rules of Survival thanks to its unique storyline even though it bears the similar gameplay. RoE revolves around a mysterious company named EUROPA that has been kidnapping numerous innocent people to carry out a dangerous project called ELYSIUM. It’s known as a test to see how quickly the humans develop when they are put into a virtual deadly world. They are all turned into players who must fight against each other for a chance of survival. Possibly speaking, survival is a crucial thing that all matters here. If one player can’t become the last man standing in that world, his life will be brought to an end in the real world too, therefore, the game is very intense and very hard to conquer.

About Ring of Elysium and its familiar yet addictive gameplay

About the gameplay of RoE, the fighting style has nothing different from PUBG. The in-game map contains up to 100 players who are dropped into a strange island by a big aircraft, and their adventure will begin from there. After landing on the ground, you have to quickly arm yourself with some weapons, items and other handy equipment. You start making your way through the locations around to pick them up. When everything is ready, you can fight against the rivals and shoot them down before they attack you back. The game features a wide range of weapons, you can explore them all then take advantage of them to finish off all opponents.

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Besides killing the rivals, you should pay attention to the size of the combat zone that gradually shrinks. The aim of it is to push the players closer together, and only one player can survive. If you don’t race against time, you won’t able to make it to the end, meaning your life in the real world will be over. Ring of Elysium requires you to not only have patience but also excellent abilities, good tactics, and a strategic mind to win.

The future of the English version

At the moment, Ring of Elysium only supports Thai and Indonesian languages since the game was first launched in these two South East Asian countries. However, Tencent Games has announced that Ring of Elysium would be debuted in other areas in the forthcoming time, giving the hope that RoE will have an English version to serve the inter-fans from across the world instead of only the Thai and Indonesian players.

The possible debut on Steam

According to some rumors and unconfirmed information from Tencent, Ring of Elysium will probably be released worldwide via Steam platform. With this orientation, Ring of Elysium has a high possibility to compete against its predecessor called PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, together with other Battle Royale games.

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