Ring of Elysium APK

Garena Ring of Elysium is a PUBG-inspired shooter game where survival definitely matters. It’s a famous game by Tencent, released by Garena in Thailand and Indonesia for now. However, Ring of Elysium (abbreviated to RoE) will make its debut on Steam in the forthcoming time. Although RoE is still in a closed beta test stage, players can still download the APK and play the game on Android/iOS with the English version.

Ring of Elysium is created by Tencent Games with the QuickSilver X engine promising to keep players engaged like some previous famous games, such as PUBG, Rules of Survival, Free Fire Battlegrounds, etc. The game promises to not only bring players a huge amount of fun but also let them enjoy an intensity and brutality of the battle. An awesome thing about RoE is that is a free game to download, and it works finely on some mid-range configuration devices.

In-game story

Unlike PUBG, RoE does have an in-game storyline that players should check out before jumping into the action. The game centers around an unknown company named EUROPA that abducted numerous people for an experiment in a project called ELYSIUM. The aim of this project is to examine how fast the humankind will develop through some real machine techniques. All the people who got kidnapped by this company will be put in a virtual world where they become players trying to kill each other. The battle is not easy at all when it only allows one last player to stand. Therefore, the players must put their efforts into winning because if they can’t make it to the end, they will not only die in the virtual world but also in the real world.

The Story of Ring of Elysium

Awesome gameplay

The gameplay of Ring of Elysium has nothing different from its predecessor, PUBG, except for some small details. With the familiar way of fighting, players also have to destroy each other if they want to become the last man standing. The game starts with 100 players that will be dropped down to a huge map where can be considered as the main battlefield. As an unarmed survivor, you have to quickly roam some locations in order to pick up weapons, equipment, handy items, then, make good use of them to fight against others. While trying to battle, you should also keep an eye on the size of the combat zone because it will shrink through over time. You need to race against time, take advantage of things you picked up and stay alive as long as possible until you become the final survivor.

Ring of Elysium: Awesome gameplay  

The battle spot

Ring of Elysium already brought an update to the players, introducing two battle maps on April 6th. The players will jump out from an aircraft and land down on many locations, making the in-game map system still more diverse. According to Garena, RoE will contain further maps in the forthcoming time. The size of the maps is just 8×8 km wide, and with only 100 people on the map, they will find it easy to come across each other. You are recommended to reach the site or take a careful look at the place before starting to hunt for the rival.

Ring of Elysium: The battle spot

Another thing about the in-game area you need to know is that the safe zone is always restricted. It keeps gradually decreasing in size, so all players must stay alive and protect themselves for a chance of winning. The in-game map of RoE is also attractive and wonderful when it provides players with so many locations to explore, such as hillsides, buildings, harbors and more. Feel free to make your way through those areas when you are in the quest of weapons and items.

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The main point of Ring of Elysium is to let the players play on their mobile devices easily even though they are having a low-configuration device. Thanks to the minimal configuration, ROE has attracted numerous players from across the world, especially the ones who are big fans of Battle Royale games. The system requirements for RoE to run on PC are not high. You are recommended to have a PC with the Intel Core i3 CPU, 4GB Ram, VGA graphics card GeForce GTS 250 and 10 GB of memory. Once your PC meets those requirements, you can jump into the action easily.

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