Ring of Elysium English

Ring of Elysium is a new survival game by Tencent. It is first published by Garena in Thailand and Indonesia as a free to download Battle Royale game. Ring of Elysium (often abbreviated to RoE) is still in an Early Access stage, but it’s already hot enough to draw the attention of numerous players from across the world, even though they are not from the two aforementioned South East Asian countries. The inter-fans can totally check out everything about RoE game in English. Also, they can even find out how to download and install the game then translate it into English easily if they want to play RoE in their areas.

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Game plot

Ring of Elysium centers around a mysterious company called EUROPA that is trying to kidnap plenty of innocent people for a mysterious experiment named Elysium. The company wants to find out how fast the human beings can develop by putting them into a virtual world but they have no idea that their action is totally wrong and didn’t expect the bad result coming when those people are forced to fight against each other in that world for their ultimate survival, because if they die in the fight, their lives will be over in the real world too. The staff of that company have turned those abducted people into the players and cleared all their memories. They will now gather the new ones as soon as stepping into the battleground. There is only one chance to live, so they must put their efforts into killing each other.

Gameplay of RoE

As you know, the fighting style of Battle Royale games is so popular, intense and addictive. Therefore, no developer wants to alter the way it is, and the gameplay of RoE is no exception. There will be 100 players dropped into a strange island by a big airplane. All of them are unarmed, so they must roam locations to collect weapons, items, armors, ammunition, and any other equipment for their survivals. You will become one of them starting the weapon quest, but you realize this is not easy at all when the dangers keep lurking around you. Once you gear up yourself, you can start battling against other opponents, and quickly shoot them down using your collected stuff. There is no mercy allowed in RoE! So you must kill everything standing in your way for a chance of the ultimate survival.

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When you put your efforts into killing the enemies, you should pay attention to the size of the combat zone, which keeps shrinking. There is only one player that survives, so it has to be you if you want to continue living in the real world. You must race against time, act quickly and be an intelligent survivor who knows how to protect himself all the time. Make good use of your excellent skills, good tactics, nice strategies to beat other players.

News and events in English for everybody

As mentioned above, Ring of Elysium is only available in Thailand and Indonesia for now, which means that everything about the game will be written in Thai and Indonesian languages, which makes the inter-fans unable to learn the information. But now, they can totally find out all news, events relating to RoE game in English here! Also, they can even learn how to download and install RoE and translate it into English