Ring of Elysium Gameplay

A beautiful world

Ring of Elysium is a brand new MMO battle arena game inspired by the popular PUBG. It will not grant the poultry prize for the survivor or the victor because it only focuses on realistic fights. Instead, the mysterious VR environment in ROE will be the main playing field for a group of poor people who have been kidnapped and forced to massacre each other. If they die in the game, they cannot exist in the reality. Ring of Elysium features a lifelike weather with stunning terrains and other details that can make the game different from others.

Ring of Elysium A beautiful world

A fierce challenge

Everything in Ring of Elysium game starts after an unimaginable event occurs in EUROPA which is considered as an illegal and crazy company. They abducted many persons to conduct a brutal experiment with a project named “ELYSIUM” in order to test human’s development through a realistic simulation. Each of these victims will take the role of a “player”. They are connected to a virtual world. In which they have to survive at all costs. Unfortunately, the winner will be the last standing man. In other words, the rest must be killed. You are not allowed to choose anything except fighting.

A fierce challenge

What to do at the beginning

Similar to the most Battle Royale games, you and other participants in Ring of Elysium game will be moved to the main battlefield with helicopters. While it is heading toward the play area, you are able to target a position to descend down. After you access a region, you can enter houses to loot weapons, ammo, health packs and other supplies by pressing F key. Watch out! The playable zone will gradually push everybody close together. You are forced to go to a cramped safe place where you will face with others unexpectedly. It is also the reason why clashes often happen.

What to do at the beginning

Be careful! Footsteps and other indicators that you cause during the deathmatch should be audible enough. The compass will not show cues of gunshot and vehicles in Ring of Elysium game like other survival games based on Battle Royale genre. When you shoot, an excel hit will be shown by a quick indicator next to your gun’s crosshair.

Other issues

Players reported the smooth gameplay with some special cases related to lag reports, which could make competitors in Asia get crowding in servers. Aside from that, who felt sad due to instances of cheating, reportedly sent to ROE in hopes of continuing their shooting ability in a better environment.

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