Ring Of Elysium: How to Download ROE Game

How to download ROE

Ring of Elysium is one of the most popular games. Keep in mind that your favorite challenge can be only installed via GPC (Garena)! For those who have not yet had a GPC account, you should keep track the way to download carefully.

How to download ROE


  • If you do not own any Garena account, you can register at here
  • Move to that address
  • Click My Account, Account Center
  • Finally, you can complete.

In case you still see “Coming Soon” on GPC, you need to try the game in the open Beta Test, which will be activated after the CBT period ends.


Don’t worry! You can start to enjoy the cool Ring of Elysium game soon after the download is done. Although some items are strange, you can recognize them without effort because they have similarities to PUBG. Hope you enjoyed!