Ring Of Elysium: How To Register Closed Beta Testing

How to Register Closed Beta Testing

Here is the simplest method to register the closed beta testing and participate in the great Ring Of Elysium game along with multiple enemies throughout the world. There are five steps which are displayed clearly below.

  1. You should create a GPC (Garena) account if you have not had any of them yet.
  • You need move to http://www.garena.co.id/
  • Afterward, you can click My Account, Account Center.
  • You can now register yourself.

When you complete Step 1 and you have a Garena account, you will go to the next.

  1. You need to log in to your GPC. If you do not have any GPC, you are able to download it first here https://www.garena.co.id/plus/

Garena Account

  1. You will choose one of the Ring Of Elysium game’s images seen on the top left of your own GPC.

ROE Images

  1. You will be directed to the CBT registration page. In which, you are recommended to confirm some personal information. Type your name, email, and your mobile number.

Registration page

  1. Finally, selected survivors and you will be provided a Closed Beta Key by Garena via your email address or GPC.