Ring Of Elysium: Patch Update – 6 April 2018

Patch Update – 6 April 2018

Patch Update – 6 April 2018

The new patch for the Ring Of Elysium game has been completed. There are many changes. They are:

Daily Check-In

You are able to log in every day and you can gain rewards that you are allowed to utilize during the Closed Beta period.

Lucky Treasure Chest

In Ring Of Elysium game, you can see a lot of chests along the way. Approach and open them to collect plenty of items.  Like the first one, you can choose them when you are playing the Closed Beta.

Permanent Clothes in Crates

It’s possible to buy a crate in order to obtain an everlasting object which is also useful in the Closed Beta.

New Interface

Upgrade the interface of the game to make survivors more satisfied.

And many others!

  • The buddy system has been improved. Currently, the player can send a friend request to the offline people.
  • There are new weapons: G28 & Desert Eagle.
  • There is an addition of goods storage system in the lobby.
  • Added resolution of 1600 x 900
  • In case your PC has more than 1 GPU, a better GPU will be automatically picked.
  • Disabled the friendly fire – You cannot hurt your teammates when you engage Duo or Squad mode.
  • The damage from the weapon will decrease, based on the range of firing.
  • At the beginning of Ring Of Elysium, the helicopter will be replaced with an aircraft.
  • There is a custom hot-key for shift mode change & scope replacement
  • Sound Optimization
  • Bug fix & other optimization