Ring Of Elysium: The Trailer For Tencent’s Battle Royale With Snowboards

The Trailer For Tencent’s Battle Royale With Snowboards

Tencent’s Ring of Elysium is an awesome survival game which is free to play. It arrived on Steam on September 19, 2018, although the store page is limited in Europe and some certain regions of Asia.

The last stage

If you are one of the last four survivors in Ring of Elysium game, it will not be difficult to take part in another challenging journey like a tourist and explore a mysterious quiet mountain resort while a terrible winter storm is coming.

Unfortunately, there is only one rescue chopper waiting for you. And, it will fly to another destination marked on the map. It is ready to deliver you and three persons to the place that you have ever expected. You should leave the final safe zone as soon as possible. However, everything will not happen smoothly when everybody decides to kill each other. In Ring of Elysium game, hypothermia is really a threat aside from the dangerous approaching avalanches.


The clip shows you various means that you can use to move to an area you want in Ring of Elysium game, for example, hang gliders, zip lines, off-road vehicles, snowmobiles, and especially, snowboards. Sliding downhill on a snowboard is quite convenient as it will not cause too much noise like driving cars. They actually fit the current environment and terrain.