ROE Official Announcement – Closed Beta Period Closing

Official Announcement – Closed Beta Period Closing

Dear Survivors,

Here is the letter from the ROE team. They’d like to announce that they have a great update and they want to share it with everybody.

After the ROE beta testing period lasts for three months, they created a success of that trial. They managed to collect every date which is essential to release a game that all of the people will be able to experience. They also emphasized that your participation made their game more desirable. So, they determined that it is the good time to launch ROE game to the next stage. From that decision, they will close the ROE server to only concentrate on the further development.

Official Announcement - Closed Beta Period Closing

Although players can feel disappointed, it is a necessary closure. You should know that the main aim of Garena and Developer ROE is to offer the best game to supporters and fans.

The Game Server will actually end on Monday, June 4, 2018, 10:00 am. After the event, you cannot log in and play ROE.

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