Snowboarding In Tencent’s Free Battle Royale Game

Snowboarding in Tencent’s free battle royale game

Ring of Elysium is a great survival game based on Battle Royale genre.

About the new performance

According to the clip above, you can see that a player is climbing up to a rescue chopper. However, he or she has been eliminated quickly. There are only four empty seats on that helicopter and they are reserved for four persons left alive. Everybody existing at the moment also knows that their fighting will not stop until they are the only one who is brought back to the real life. Perhaps, they are actually obsessed with the match that they have joined. So, they still attempt to destroy others even though all of them can get rid of that creepy location without difficulty. Hence, these last four people are trying to kill each other although they can escape safely.

Ring of Elysium game is active on Steam and in certain parts of the world. You are recommended to give it a try as it is completely free and owns several twists on the original Battle Royale style. Indeed, you can find and use snowboards during your adventure, especially when you are moving around an area covered by snow. You are allowed to slide while shooting somebody. It is regarded as a mix of SSX Tricky and PUBG.

About the new performance


It is simple to seek some differences in Ring of Elysium from what you see as boilerplate BR at that point. From the starting of a combat, you will be given a map which shows you zones and you can choose anything on the grid to drop whilst you can observe the spot that your rivals have selected. There’s no pointless running around in a lobby launching fists first, and no airplane ride to sit through. You will only appear in the region that you love. You can opt for from one of three loadouts, which all set with a weapon like a pistol or a shotgun, along with some bullets, first-aid, and a special movement ability that you picked.


Players in Ring of Elysium game can carry out three of movement abilities, for example, sliding with a snowboard (toggle that with T key), flying with a glider (F) after jumping off a high position, or climbing gear which will help you scale specific cliffs (marked on your minimap).

A small comparison

In which, climbing is not too useful. But, snowboarding is quite interesting and even it is strategic because it is a nice choice that you can utilize to approach the target destination swiftly (if it leads down toward the bottom of a slope). Moreover, it will not cause too much noise like driving a car. Thus, your enemy is hard to recognize you are coming. Meanwhile, hang gliding is pretty silent as well although you must look for something to toss yourself off.


A winter storm in Ring of Elysium game will work like a circle of death. It will group everyone together and throw you into a place called the final safe zone where you will discover a rescue chopper flying to an assigned zone marked on the playfield. After a while, the storm will occupy the last land and cause damage to anybody left. As mentioned, there are four seats. Therefore, even in solo play, four competitors can make it out. Though, after a few battles, they still try to be the only survivor. If you climb, you will be killed immediately for sure even if there are enough spaces for you and others. They do not want to share.

Ring of Elysium is a great and smooth journey that generates awesome changes from the Battle Royale genre that you have enjoyed before. The new match will be launched in an instant as thousands of people are waiting to play per day. The reason is that it is totally free. Do not forget to deploy your snowboards!

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